FRAGILE PARADISE - The Discovery of Fletcher Christian - Bounty Mutineer

Fragile Paradise is the only biography of Glynn's great great great great grandfather, Fletcher Christian, leader of the mutiny on Bounty in 1789.
Published Hamish Hamilton, London and Atlantic, Little Brown, Boston, 1982; Doubleday Sydney, 1999; Classic Travel Books - printed on demand - 2005 onwards

"The Mutiny on the Bounty" as it is commonly referred to, was a mutiny aboard a British Royal Navy ship (HMAV - His Majesty's Armed Vessel) on April 28, 1789 that has been made famous by books, films and songs.  The mutiny was led by Fletcher Christian against the captain, William Bligh.   Remarkably, there are almost 3,000 books and major articles on the mutiny but until Fragile Paradise very little was known about Fletcher Christian, and so the story was incomplete, one sided. 

The second edition (Doubleday, Sydney, 1999) was launched by Tom Keneally (Schindler's List) on board the Bounty replica in Sydney Harbour.  Additions to the copy include extensive psychological analysis of Fletcher Christian on the day of the mutiny - finally answering the perennial quesiton: Was Fletcher Christian mad - or just mad to do it?  Photographic additions include the only known images of children of the mutineers and of their grandchildren.

The third and latest edition of Fragile Paradise is published by Classic Travel Books as a print on demand book.  Glynn Christian has added a ground-breaking appreciation of Bounty's revolutionary Tahitian women, led by Mauatua, his great great great great grandmother, who in old age led Pitcairn women to becoming the first in the world with the vote, and the first in the world to legislate for compulsory education for girls and boys.