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BBC-TV cook-traveller and food journalist Glynn Christian has been cooking on British television since 1982, the year in which he appeared in three series on Pebble Mill at One, from the BBC's Birmingham studios. That same year he made the BBC's first cookery series shot on location: A Cook's Tour (BBC1 and BBC2).  The series cruised Eastern Mediterranean ports and showed how their ancient influences could still be seen in today's food, particularly at Christmas.

From 1983 Glynn appeared on BBC Breakfast-Time three times weekly, the only TV cook to appear so often and so regularly, before or since.  As the first television cook to appear before 9am he cooked for an extended audience which also included businessmen and children, a major reason he remains so well known.

 It's a bit arrogant to cook on telly and expect everyone to do what you do - that's where the Gosh Factor comes in.  If I cook sweet corn fritters, it's because I want you to know the longer you cook sweet corn the tougher it gets - or, whether you bake, boil or BBQ, it's always sweeter if you cook it in its outer leaves.   If I can't find a Gosh Factor to leave with an audience, something that makes them think Aha! that's why it works; that's what I have been doing wrong; Gosh what great advice . . . well, if I can't I won't do the recipe.

Glynn has made many celebrity guest appearances including with Noel Edmonds as the Crinkley Bottom Chef, with Cilla Black in Surprise Surprise and with Esther Rantzen on That's Life.

As well as over 1,000 live appearances he has written and presented TV series on fish cookery, microwave cookery and the history of afternoon tea, and has presented and written series made on location in the Eastern Mediterranean, New Zealand, California, Sri Lanka, China and Thailand.  He was most recently seen on mainstream UK terlevision as presenter of Tasting Australia, a 26 part series shown on the Travel Channel UK in 2004 and 2005.

Glynn was the first TV cook to appear before 9am so children used to watch him before they went to school.  These are today's 30 or 40-somethings who still know and recognise him.



Glynn joined QVC The ShoppIing Channel UK soon after it started, appearing as their cookery and kitchen specialist.

In 1995 he went to Australia and was a founder member of the presenter team for the launch of TVSN Shopping Channel.  As well as a cookery and kitchenware presenter, Glynn sold jewellery, tabletop and collectibles and co-hosted a daily two-hour lifestyle programme.

He became Senior Presenter and was also Trainer for Presenters, Directors and Producers, teaching them how to recognise and promote Gosh Factors as a re liable and successful selling tool.

While living in Australia (and New Zealand) he produced and directed the BBC series Glynn Christan Tastes Royal Thailand and Glynn Christian's Entertaining Microwave.  He has now returned to the UK to work and live and has been helping pioneer the sale of specialty foods on QCV UK.

Television Career (Live)

  • Began with Pebble Mill at One, 1982
  • BBC-Breakfast Time. 3 times weekly, 1983-1985
  • Pebble Mill/Good Morning/Richard and Judy appearance
  • Cilla Black's Surprise Surprise
  • Noel Edmonds - three series
  • Esther Rantzen That's Life
  • QVC UK
  • TVSN Australia
  • TVNA New Zealand
  • QVC UK

Recorded BBC Television Series

  • A Cook's Tour - Eastern Mediterranean - presented and wrote
  • The Fish Course (ITV) - presented and wrote
  • GC's New Zealand - presented and wrote
  • Californian Tables - presented and wrote
  • GC's Serednipity (Sri Lanka) - presented and wrote
  • One Lump or Two - a hjistory of afternoon tea - presented and wrote
  • GC Tastes China - presented and wrote
  • 1995/96 GC's Entertaining Microwave - produced, directed, presented and wrote
  • 1997/98 GV Tastes Royal Thailand - produced, directed, presented and wrote
  • 2005 Tasting Australia (The Travel Channel - 26 x30 minutes) - presented and part-produced/directed